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Young’s & Geronimo Inns to kick off The Great Hop Expedition

Young’s and Geronimo Inns is bringing customers The Great Hop Expedition: an entire season of brew bus tours, beer-bod tuition and tempting offers that pay homage to the world’s best brews.

A celebration of the hop and craft beer industry, The Great Hop Expedition will showcase beers from around the world made using hops from Germany to New Zealand as well as the world’s largest hop exporter, USA.

A key ingredient to the brewmaster's toolkit, hops are the herbs of beer. Each possess rich aromas and flavours and when married with a regions’ distinct brewing style, give some of our best loved beers their unique taste – from German and Czech Pilsners to British Bitters and IPAs, as well as a world of new world craft beers made by the rising number of microbreweries.

Running from September to October guests can plummet into a pint or two with Young’s largest offering of beer happenings to date, designed to truly educate, entertain and excite. Customers are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and broaden their beer horizons as they discover ales, lagers and stouts made from the giant hops in the beer world.

High profile, iconic brewers will be on hand at each event to share their top tips and expertise including the likes of Meantime, Founders, Sambrook’s and Guinness. From pairing pints with dishes, to live music and guests learning how to brew their very own.

Here are a couple of examples of events:
Pursuit of Hoppyness with Meantime
For £15, drinkers can taste five different styles of beer whilst getting a feel for the different varieties of hops used, before enjoying side-splitting stand-up from Aussie comedian Big Al.
The Bull, Streatham (15 September); Narrowboat, Islington (27 September); The Phoenix, Victoria (10 October)

Bellville’s American Road Trip
For £10, pub-goers can get a taste of the US of A with Bellville Brewing Co with the American Road Trip, featuring a tasting of five iconic brews, perfectly paired nibbles, and a talk on the different hops that give each serve its distinct flavour.
The Windmill, Clapham (12 October)