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Fairfax Meadow begins voluntary withdrawal of meat products

Fairfax Meadow has begun the voluntary withdrawal of some of its meat products from its customers in the catering trade. This follows unannounced inspections by the Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland on Thursday 8 February.

Those unannounced inspections revealed concerns about the procedures and processes the company had been using to apply use-by-dates on some of its products.

The review is ongoing but the company has acted properly and proportionately in swiftly withdrawing potentially affected products from the market.

Fairfax Meadow responded immediately to the concerns and are now changing their procedures. The FSA and FSS are satisfied with the changes that are being made and at present are not anticipating the need for enforcement action.

Public health remains our top priority and at no stage has there been any indication that people have become ill from eating meat supplied by Fairfax Meadow. The FSA and FSS, along with local authorities, are continuing to assess the situation and are working with the business to oversee their product withdrawal.