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Seasoned outlines measures to tackle Brexit impact

Leading London event caterer, Seasoned has today announced measures to tackle the impact of Brexit on the industry. As Brexit approaches, it is likely to be a challenging year for the hospitality and catering industry.

The inevitable impact on the supply chain means crucial business decisions need to be made as early as possible, in order to operate effectively and manoeuvre according to changing dynamics in the market.

Seasoned has been looking at its menus and talking to its suppliers about possible measures to reduce the impact of Brexit on the supply chain and effectively on its clients. Two priorities being focused on are the continuity of product supplies and dealing with the uncertainty of rising costs.

To protect its clients and menus simultaneously, Seasoned is in discussions to buy specific products such as wines and soft drinks with longer shelf lives, without sacrificing any options on the menu. Seasoned is also in talks with local suppliers, with whom it has historically strong relationships with, to increase the storage of products locally, ensuring they continue to be available.

Seasoned has always supported the best of British produce by buying local and seasonal ingredients, however the challenges will be inevitable for certain foods and their continuity, therefore Seasoned is looking at not only British suppliers but also from outside the EU, in order to maximise menu options without sacrificing quality and passing on higher costs to clients.

Managing Partner of Seasoned, Colin Sayers (pictured) said, “In an industry that is being pressured with the approach of Brexit, we are going to focus on our strength of longstanding relationships with both clients and suppliers, working together to make the correct strategic decisions that will generate opportunity and choice in the face of uncertainty.”