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Fatherson Bakery launches delivery website

One of the UK’s award-winning leading bakeries, where provenance and home baking form the heart of the company, Fatherson Bakery, has launched a consumer delivery website - www.directdeliver.co.uk - to help ease shopper challenges during COVID-19.

The website has been borne out of the desire to help others and get food delivered to the most vulnerable loved ones, family, friends and neighbours in the community. The coronavirus has created a challenge for many people trying to get hold of basic food and household essentials.

Fatherson has kept the website simple, focusing on offering a select range of award-winning cakes, bread, fruit and vegetable bags, and non-perishable essentials.

All web orders will be delivered by Fatherson to the customer’s door ensuring they are affordable, good quality, and the assurance that the bakery has put into place the right health and safety needs following the government’s guidelines to protect the shopper and the Fatherson workforce.

The website offers basics such as:
- Fatherson award-winning bakery products from cakes, pies, bread and seasonal cakes, from lemon drizzle cake, traybake favourites, butterfly cakes, millionaire shortbread to cherry Bakewell tarts and Apple and blackberry pie.

- Flour, including bread flour or Fatherson new bread lines.

- Classic Gourmet Everyday Tea: A high-quality blend of the finest black teas, packed and produced in the UK. Each tea bag includes a best in class premium blend of the finest tea leaves.

- Fatherson coffee: Mountain Deluxe Ground Coffee 250g - a wonderful mix of 50% Kenyan and 50% Colombian ground coffee beans.

- Cleaning products from Greener-Cleaner: a complete range of cleaning utensils which are of high quality, high-performance green alternative to regular cleaning materials and made from 100% recycled plastic*. Plus 1% of Greener Cleaner® sales go to protecting the world’s oceans through organisations like Surfers Against Sewage

- Biscuit collection: a range of Hill’s biscuits from firm favourites such as digestives to chocolate bourbons, custard creams and fruit shorties.

Creating local community hubs
In addition, www.directdeliver.co.uk also includes a community hub that consumers can sign up to. To help people social distance and keep safe, Fatherson is trying to set up local food hubs for their communities. The idea of the hub is that it keeps users and local community safe, staying at home, as well as curbing delivery costs and food miles.

Fatherson will separate each of the orders for everyone so it is easy, secure and safe for people to collect their food orders. The drop location needs to be suitable for social distancing collection. Plus, there are free delivery criteria for a hub location if the order value is £250 or more.

Here’s a summary as to how the local community hub from Fatherson works:
Step 1: Sign up as a community hub location. Detail who is in the hub so that the Fatherson team know which orders to group together.

Step 2: Within the hub group, users agree to a 12-hour order window. Each person in the group places their own order on www.directdeliver.co.uk. The co-ordinator confirms to Fatherson how many orders are to be grouped together.

Step 3: Each order is packaged separately and delivered within 72 hours.

What is the reward? As a thank you for people helping their local community Fatherson will offer 5% of the order value of the hub champion as a discount on their orders.