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Lebanese Bakery partners with Delivero to open two delivery kitchens

From today, The Lebanese Bakery has just opened two delivery kitchens in Wandsworth and Victoria in partnership with Deliveroo, meaning that Londoners can still enjoy signature Levantine baked goods in the comfort of their own home.

A speciality neighbourhood bakery and eatery, The Lebanese Bakery serves a delicious take on traditional Manousheh and Mouajjanet – the quintessential everyday Lebanese food.

For Deliveroo, the Lebanese Bakery team has handpicked its bestsellers which can now be delivered direct to customer's door.

Dishes include warm Manousheh filled with fresh cheeses, meats, and vegetables; traditional ‘Kaak’ Lebanese bread with sesame seeds, sumac, and thyme; bright salads with pomegranate and muhammara, and sweet Maamouls filled with sweet pastry, dates, pistachios and walnuts.

The creation of brothers Samer and Bassam Chamoun, The Lebanese Bakery started life in the bustling Lebanon neighbourhood, Achafiehand. Having enjoyed overnight success with the launch of their first London site in Covent Garden in May 2019, a second site is due to open in Harrods later this year.

But for now, The Lebanese Bakery is focused on ensuring as many Londoners as possible can still enjoy their sweet and savoury treats, making their partnership with Deliveroo a very welcome one.