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QHotels Collection launches new initiative for carers

The QHotels Collection is launching a new initiative today which will see full-time carers the length and breadth of the country rewarded for their contribution and commitment to their local people and areas.

Partnering with Carefree, they are working to provide short breaks for these vital carers who are sometimes forgotten by the wider community. These are unpaid carers who selflessly give their time, their love, and their energy to look after families and groups who don’t fall into the normal NHS care support service.

There are nine million unpaid carers in the UK and 46% have had no break for over five years. A massive two million of these incredible people are working full time. The contribution that this, sometimes, invisible army makes is estimated at £193bn each year – outstripping the cost of the entire national health budget!*

Working with Carefree, The QHotels Collection aim to help the wellbeing of these cares, who often suffer from mental and physical ill-health as a result of their caring role. This support will shape the social care landscape for years to come and ensure that these vital workers feel able to give their essential care in the future and beyond.

Together, along with several other hotel partners, The QHotels Collection will be a provider contributing to thousands of hotel nights offered to unpaid carers every month.

Speaking of the project, Commercial Director at The QHotels Collection, Philip Gardner said, “Sometimes we lose sight of those unsung heroes who play such a vital role in our community.

'These people don’t complain, they are stoic and soldier on despite no pay and no break from their jobs. They are the silent army who look after our world. If we recognise them in this small way, I hope we are helping to rejuvenate them, re-energise them and say a little thank you.”

Carefree CEO, Charlotte Newman said, 'Being able to rest is an essential part of what it means to be human. Only through the collective commitment of people, partnerships and technology working together can we build a truly sustainable, national way for carers in need of a break to access time off.

'Every Carefree Breakmaker, whether they are someone referring a carer, donating a break, or providing a part of our tech infrastructure to distribute the stays, is a piece in the puzzle of how we'll make that possible.'