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Stevie Parle closes Pastaio Westfield

Stevie Parle, the restaurateur behind the fast-casual Pastaio, along with business partner Liam Nelson, has announced that Pastaio Westfield, the duo’s second site, is now closed.

Staff at the Westfield restaurant have all been offered jobs at the original Pastaio restaurant on Soho’s Ganton Street, which will remain open.

Pastaio Soho opened in 2017 and is renowned for its upbeat playlist, bright and energetic interiors and modest prices.

Pastaio's devoted team of pastai (pasta makers) make fresh pasta by hand every morning and combine it with the best of seasonal produce to create fresh, flavoursome dishes.

The menu offers plates of Slow Cooked Sausage Ragù with fennel, parmesan, chilli, breadcrumbs & malloreddus, Carbonara with guanciale & pecorino, and Clams, white wine, chilli, garlic, bottarga, linguine.

For dessert, there's Baked ricotta cheesecake & amarena cherry, Pastaio Tiramisu, and Twice cooked Chocolate cake.

For drinks there is the Soho Slushies Series - Espresso Martini & Amaro slushie, and Prosecco slushie with lemon and grappa.