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Nando's celebrates 10 years of food waste effort

Nando's is commemorating the 10th anniversary of its 'No Chuckin' Our Chicken' food donation programme.

Since its launch in 2013, Nando's has contributed 4.3 million meals to charitable organisations and community groups throughout the UK and Ireland, preventing surplus food from its restaurants from going to waste.

In the current financial year, the company is on track to achieve its highest donation totals to date, with over 500,000 meals donated in just six months.

Sam McCarthy, head of sustainability at Nando's says 'One of our goals at Nando’s is to Change Lives – in fact, it is part of our DNA. Our No Chuckin’ Our Chicken programme is one of the many ways we support the communities in which we work, with the aim of materially changing the lives of those we help. I am so proud of the work and the impact this programme has had over the past decade. It was born out of an idea from one our team members, who saw an opportunity to help others and to reduce their restaurant’s waste at the end of the day. Ten years later, what a journey we’ve been on, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds, there is so much more to come from No Chuckin’ Our Chicken.'

The 'No Chuckin’ Our Chicken' initiative operates in every Nando’s restaurant across the UK and Ireland, providing daily donations to local charities, community groups, food banks, and soup kitchens.

'I am incredibly grateful to Nando's for their remarkable initiative of channelling donations from local stores towards our community,' says Mike Steenkamp, director of Port Grocery, who collects from Nando’s Cheshire Oaks, Bromboroug. 'Their commitment to preventing food waste while extending a helping hand to those in need is truly commendable. These contributions have not only nourished individuals who require support but have also showcased the positive impact that can be achieved when businesses prioritise social responsibility.'

Earlier this year, Nando’s announced that it was expanding No Chuckin’ Our Chicken to include an employability programme, connecting jobseekers with employment opportunities across Nando’s restaurants.

Nando’s celebrated the 10-year milestone of 'No Chuckin’ Our Chicken' with an awards ceremony at Nando’s Putney Kitchen, where they recognised and honored the hard work and contributions of those involved in the initiative.