Novikov to celebrate tomatoes with special week in July

Nothing says summer quite like a luscious, sweet and juicy tomato. But did you know they’re a powerhouse of nutritional benefits too? At Novikov Restaurant & Bar in London's Mayfair, this flavoursome fruit takes centre stage in many of the recipes, so it will be celebrating with a special week dedicated to the wonder that is the tomato.

The restaurant will spearhead the festivities on Sunday 22 July with one of its ever-popular masterclasses.

Following a welcome cocktail - tomato-based of course - each guest will be taught how to prepare a range of Italian and Asian dishes, each highlighting the amazing versatility of this ingredient.

On the Italian side, where the tomato is widely revered, our chefs will unveil the secrets behind a traditional Pappa al Pomodoro (a thick Tuscan bread and tomato soup using Sorrento tomatoes), the iconic pizza Margherita, created using the San Marzano plum variety, and a risotto created with Datterino tomatoes and tuna tartare.

A trio of Asian dishes meanwhile will comprise an Asian salad, a cold soup and a tomato sushi roll.

Throughout the rest of the week, guests at The Italian Restaurant can also view a glorious array of tomatoes including more unusual varieties like the Crimea Black, that can trace its roots back to the Isle of Krim in the Black Sea, and the Green Zebra, first introduced by Tom Wagner of Everett, Washington in 1983.