Seasoned launches new vegan initiative

Leading London event caterer, Seasoned has just launched a new collection of vegan menus as part of its green initiative drive, continuing its commitment to the ISO 14001 accreditation.

Seasoned will be promoting new menu choices amongst its clients around the capital in order to encourage its multiple benefits in terms of the positive environmental impact. A running estimation of 50% less carbon emissions with vegetarian dishes and 75% less emissions from opting for vegan dishes is a key driver behind the initiative. Seasoned will be tracking choices its clients make on a monthly basis across all its menus, to estimate the impact.

Executive Chef at Seasoned, Chris Hawkins, said, “We are constantly looking for creative ways to develop our menus to serve an ever-evolving and diverse client base in the melting pot of London.

'Eating less meat can significantly help reduce carbon emissions and being in the midst of Veganuary we are also told of the many health benefits vegan choices can support, such as a reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease.

'For me, crafting the alternative menus has been more fun than challenging, by looking at creative ways in which we can incorporate more of our local seasonal plant-based ingredients to entice our clients to make more responsible choices, whilst still working closely to provide our usual bespoke service. My aim is to make the wiser choices interesting and exciting too.”

Managing Partner of Seasoned, Colin Sayers, said, “Our industry has a huge impact on the environment and we feel every business needs to think about the future in terms of sustainability. In a world where meat shortage seems to be inevitable, we feel the need to look ahead and redefine how we operate, to match what we see as an increasing demand for meat alternatives.

'I believe both the environmental and health benefits in this can help further encourage a cultural shift in our clients to choose more responsibly and that’s why we are widening our choice of vegan and vegetarian options. We see this not only as a challenge but as an opportunity for everyone to make a difference.”

Seasoned has held the ISO 14001 for over 10 years, catering for thousands of events and learnt to work more ecologically and ethically in order to improve the business for clients, staff, the community and the environment. Seasoned has adhered to the Marine Steward Council Fisheries Standard, worked hard to reduce food waste as well as adopted the use of ‘wonky veg’ in its dishes.

Incorporating a whole host of new vegan and vegetarian options, Seasoned is helping to create a shift in event buyers to be able to serve all guests with vegan menus, should they choose to do so.