Rosewood London welcomes new Director of Bars

Rosewood London has announced that Martin Siska is the new Director of Bars.

Within his new role of Director of Bars, Siska will be responsible for the management of both Scarfes Bar and Mirror Room’s Champagne Bar. He will also act as consultant providing extensive knowledge, guidelines, training and expertise to The Gin Bar at Holborn Dining Room, and any cocktail events held at the hotel.

As well as this, Siska will be involved in the hotel’s yearly terrace pop-up schedule and will be in charge of signing off the cocktails program for the entire hotel.

With over twelve years of experience in London’s luxury bar scene, Siska was appointed Bar Manager at Scarfes Bar in September 2016. He has developed and launched two new cocktail menus, as well as constructed successful long-term partnerships and collaborations with brands. He has also organised a number of guest shifts, pop-ups, and masterclasses in renowned bars around the world.

Scarfes Bar growth since he joined has seen it nominated for a number of industry awards, including Tales of Cocktails; Best 10 Hotel Bars in the World, Imbibe; Drinks List of the Year and Class Awards; Best Cocktail Menu.

Using contacts collected from his experience in London, Siska has personally tailored and assembled a strong team at Scarfes Bar - a new Head Bartender, Yann Bouvignes has recently joined the team. Siska has led the team through the two most recent launches of the cocktail menus.

Showcasing a meticulous attention to detail and creative originality, these menus have illustrated his view of mixing drinks as an art form and have featured cocktails based on the satirical sketches of the bar’s namesake, Gerald Scarfe. The menus have gained global recognition and two consecutive nominations at the much-coveted Spirited Awards at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.

Over the past six months, Siska has been working closely alongside Bouvignes and the team at Scarfes Bar to develop and create imaginative cocktails that will be showcased in a new cocktail menu to be launched in April 2019.

The Mirror Room is open from morning until evening with an all-day dining menu, and is also home to the newly launched cocktail and champagne bar.