Vegan offer by Kudos takes off at Labour Party Conference

The Kudos Catering team, the exclusive caterer at the Brighton Centre, is hard at work this week during the Labour Party Conference delivering a wide-ranging menu to over 13,000 attendees.

The team has put together a bespoke range of offers that seeks to accommodate the diverse audience in attendance during this five-day event.

In addition to the traditional menu of handmade hot and cold items, ranging from chorizo sausage rolls and Moroccan chickpea pies, to quinoa salads and made to order paninis; Kudos have expanded their offering to include a BBQ Shack, and for the very first time, a Vegan Street Café.

Looking out over the English Channel, ‘The Vegan Street Café’ has been created to reflect the rise in popularity of veganism as food culture, with more consumers than ever identifying as vegetarian or vegan.

The offering has been a huge success, with guests enjoying a menu of ‘Baked Portobello mushroom burritos’, ‘hot and spicy cauliflower wings’, a ‘mixed-bean chilli’ served in an edible tortilla basket, ‘southern fried chickpea, hummus and rocket wraps’, mezze trays; and an extremely popular vegan cake.

Matthew Herter, Kudos CEO, said, “I am very proud of our Brighton team for the time and effort they have put into Vegan Street and other concepts.

'Kudos have integrated more vegetarian and vegan dishes into our core meus in the past months order to make a difference to people’s health, happiness and productivity by helping our customers eat well, especially with the growing popularity of a flexitarian diet.

'Whilst some may say that veganism is a trend, we see this as a genuine shift in eating patterns and have adopted these dishes into our normal menus to continue to expand the choices we offer our guests.”

Based on the popularity of Vegan Street, the team now wish to use this opportunity to showcase the concept at other upcoming events to delight all lovers of healthy, tasty, and convenient food.