Seasoned introduces vegan wine option

Award-winning event catering group, Seasoned has recently undertaken a review of its wine list and decided that changes needed to be made, so that alongside offering vegan food, vegan wine options were also readily available to compliment these dishes.

Veganism isn’t just about food; all the elements of what a person is consuming at that event need to be considered. By introducing these options, Seasoned have seen an increase of 20% on their vegan wine selections for events.

It is not widely understood that wine is often not vegan friendly. This is to do with how the wine is clarified through the process of ‘fining’ and when these fining agents are introduced it makes the wine unsuitable for vegans.

Young wine is hazy and contain tiny molecules; when left for long enough they will clear by themselves but producers have traditionally used aids to help the process along which involves adding the fining agent to attract those molecules and leave the wine looking bright and clear. Commonly these fining agents are milk protein or egg whites which then make the wine unsuitable for vegans.

Seasoned has seen other changes on its wine list - an increase in demand for its range of English sparkling wines. Seasoned offers Digby Fine English, inspired by the extraordinary life of the 17th Century philosopher, theologian, writer, pirate, inventor and ‘father of the modern wine bottle’, Sir Kenelm Digby.

In the Leander Club, the most decorated, elite rowing club in the world, at Henley Royal Regatta this year, Seasoned saw a 20% increase in the sales of Digby Fine English versus Champagne.