Dishoom launches first delivery kitchen outside London in Brighton

From today, Brighton residents can enjoy a fix of finest Bombay comfort food, drinks and other sundries at home, as Dishoom launches its very first delivery kitchen outside London.

The Brighton kitchen will serve a menu of favourite Dishoom dishes, lovingly prepared by Dishoom’s chef-wallas using the same recipes and first-rate produce as the restaurants.

Delivery is from 12pm to 10.30pm daily in most postcodes between Brighton Marina and Shoreham harbour, as well as Mile Oak, Patcham and many neighbourhoods in between.

The delivery menu has been specially curated to ensure all food travels well, and includes favourites such as Keema Pau, Chicken Ruby and House Black Daal.

The menu offers plentiful options for vegetarians, such as Pau Bhaji, much-loved Mattar Paneer, Jackfruit Biryani and more. For vegans there are Samosas, hearty bowls of Chole, first-class greens, and favourite pudding, Basmati Kheer.

Dishoom’s chef-wallas have also been busy cooking up most special delivery-only dishes, including the newly-launched Kathi Rolls – an alternative to the humble lunchtime sandwich, tender morsels of chicken or paneer in makhani sauce are wrapped in soft wholewheat paratha along with green peppers, red onion and mint chutney, and served with lime-dressed Chilli Broccoli Salad.

The latest delivery dish is Pepper Lamb Curry – tender lamb with much black pepper, green chilli, garlic and ginger, cooked with red and yellow capsicums in top-notch masala sauce.

Favourite Bombay sodas, Limca and Thums Up, are served alongside Dishoom’s Mango Lassi.

All is packaged as sustainably as possible, using cardboard from sustainably managed sources, reclaimed and renewable sugar cane pulp packaging, and carbon-neutral PLA (a smart compostable bioplastic made from plants), all of which are recyclable once rinsed or compostable.

During the last lockdown, with the restaurants closed, the Dishoom team sought out new ways to bring people together over food and drink. Initially offering delivery from a number of their café kitchens. It moved a number of the team into brand-new delivery kitchens once the restaurants reopened in July. Not only has this move allowed the team to reach more guests nationwide, it has also helped to provide long-term security for their team.

Dishoom has kept everyone’s jobs during this time and, through the delivery kitchens, have created an additional 50 roles in the company. There are now six delivery kitchens in London, as well as from the restaurant kitchens in Edinburgh and Manchester.

As in the restaurants, for each and every meal served, Dishoom donate a meal to a child that might otherwise go hungry. A meal for a meal. This pledge began in the cafés in 2015 during Ramadan and was made permanent at Diwali the same year.

To date, with the kind support of their guests, Dishoom have donated over 9 million meals in partnership with two excellent charities, Magic Breakfast and Akshaya Patra.

The team have committed to the same pledge for their delivery service, and for each meal served via Deliveroo, they donate a meal through Akshaya Patra, a charity in India which provides nourishing free school meals, meaning children are undistracted by hunger in the classroom, and ready to learn.