CAMRA launches real cider & perry guide for consumers

CAMRA, theCampaign for Real Ale, is marking the end of its Cider Month in May with the release of a new definition of real cider and perry to help people choose the very best of the cider and perry that the organisation campaigns for.

The definition aims to be simpler and more accessible to consumers. It is released alongside holistic CAMRA Learn & Discover guides and videos giving pointers to best practice, suggested questions for consumers to ask, and guidance on where to find real cider and perry.

The new definition is:
CAMRA defines real cider or perry as being fermented from the whole juice of fresh pressed apples or pears, without the use of concentrated or chaptalised juices.

Note: The word ‘chaptalised’ as used in the definition refers to a process, similar in principle to high gravity brewing, where the alcohol level in a cider or perry is increased by the addition of sugar to an unnatural level for storage, before it is diluted with water to the desired alcohol content for sale.

Chair of CAMRA Real Ale, Cider and Perry Campaigns Committee, Gillian Hough said, “In the year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of CAMRAs founding, it’s fitting that we can end our May Cider Month by launching a new real cider and perry definition that celebrates traditional products and captures best practise, as well as looks to the future.

“CAMRA’s review group spoke to a variety of producers across the UK to ensure our new definition is reflective of the complexities of modern cider and perry making, as well as being accessible for consumers.

'Thanks to their invaluable work we now have a definition which welcomes new consumers to the world of real cider and perry, and has meaning for seasoned cider drinkers, makers and campaigners.'

Hough finished, “Although CAMRA’s Cider Month is celebrated in May and October, because of the seasonal nature of production, CAMRA campaigns for real cider and perry throughout the year. Let’s make this a summer of enjoying delicious real cider and perry in our locals!”