JKS Restaurants to relaunch food hall with 8 kitchens in November

JKS Restaurants is to relaunch Arcade Food Hall at London's Centre Point this November, to welcome diners returning to London following the lifting of restrictions.

The food hall, which originally launched successfully in 2019 before the pandemic forced closure, will feature eight new kitchens, an independent restaurant on the mezzanine level, a counter dining experience as well as a standalone bar and outdoor dining.

This will be the first venue to showcase JKS Restaurants’ philosophy of creating multiple unique brands and championing emerging food and drink talent under one roof.

Cuisines will travel around the world exploring regional Thai curries, Indonesian street food, North Indian fast food, Spanish tapas, Middle Eastern shawarma, Japanese sushi, and American-style burgers.

There will also be a daily provisions counter serving coffee, lunchtime sandwiches and pastries, and a sensual and luxurious dessert experience from the UK’s most exciting confectionery connoisseurs.

Arcade Food Hall will also showcase a new style in service experience where all food and drink can be ordered direct to guests’ tables from the different Arcade kitchens. This service will also be replicated into a unique digital food hall, where customers can choose dishes from the different Arcade kitchens to collect in one order.

CEO & Co-owner, Jyotin Sethi commented, “We’re delighted to finally reveal the new Arcade at Centre Point. We’ve always had the aspiration to create a venue that hosts a breadth of creative new brands as well as fostering up and coming talent within the hospitality industry.

'Arcade is the perfect space for us to do this, both with the physical site and through London’s first digital food hall.”