Deliveroo reports impressive 105% YOY uplift In vegan ordering

Far from a fleeting fad, veganism has taken the UK by storm in recent years - and according to Deliveroo, it’s not slowing down any time soon. The British food-delivery company has revealed that since World Vegan Month last year, orders of (completely) plant-based dishes on the platform have risen by a massive 105%.

Deliveroo now has over 14,000 vegan and vegan friendly restaurants available on the platform across the UK. According to the food-delivery company, the cities with the most vegan orders (as a proportion of their total orders) this year in order are: Brighton, Bristol, Leeds, York, Manchester, Liverpool, Norwich, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sheffield then London.

According to survey data commissioned by the food-delivery company, the vegan trend isn’t just specific to takeaway foods. Out of a survey of 2000 people, 20% (19.6%) said they will be breaking with tradition and tucking into a vegan/ veggie dinner this Christmas. Out of those respondents, a majority (58%) stated that they’d only begun eating plant-based at Christmas in the past four years or less - and 46% in the last two.

Overall, slightly more females eat vegan/ vegetarian food at Christmas (21%) compared to males (17.8%). Surprisingly, male respondents are far more likely to have adopted veganism/vegetarian eating very recently (in the past year) (47%) than females (23%).

The main reasons Brits gave for opting for plant-based food this festive season was because a) they anticipate catering for vegetarians and vegans at the table (55.8%), b) for health benefits (31.9%), c) for variety (27.1%) and d) for animal welfare (26.5%).

Elena Devis, Vegan Category Lead, Deliveroo, said, “It’s fantastic to see demand for vegan food continue to grow every year, largely driven by the incredible range of plant-based dishes available across restaurant and grocery menus. Whether you’re vegan, veggie, flexi or just keen to eat more plants, Deliveroo is your platform!”

Dr Carys Bennett, Senior Corporate Liaison, PETA, said, “PETA has teamed up with Deliveroo to showcase the impressive array of vegan meals available on the app this World Vegan Month.

“Enjoy bangin’ vegan dishes including ‘chicken’ burgers, ‘fish’ and chips, ‘squid’, jackfruit pepperoni pizza, and sumptuous cakes. Millions of people are eating vegan to prevent animal suffering, benefit their health, and combat climate change – and Deliveroo makes it easy and delicious!”

Two years ago, Bristol-based restaurant Oowee Vegan was crowned ‘Restaurant of the Year’ in Britain’s first-ever Deliveroo Awards, beating off competition from restaurants on the Deliveroo app across the whole of the UK. The six finalists for this year’s 'Best Vegan' category for the inaugural Deliveroo Awards include Neat Burger, What The Pitta, Oowee Vegan, Four Side, Frost Burgers and Mildreds. Customers can tune into Deliveroo’s instagram on November 15th to find out who will take the crown.