Seasoned secures 7 more years catering at Brighton Centre

A specialist catering firm has pledged to deliver a ‘sustainable’ service following its successful bid to deliver food and drink at the Brighton Centre.

Following the award of a seven-year contract, caterers Seasoned are delighted to continue their 15-year working relationship at the purpose-built conference and entertainment venue.

They will deliver conferencing, retail and concert food and drink using recyclable materials and have teamed up with a sustainability consultant to find more ways to support their carbon reduction strategy.

More than 40 part time jobs will be created, to support a team of seven staff as well as two apprenticeship opportunities for kitchen staff and front of house.

Before COVID-19, Seasoned set up a green forum to demonstrate how they evaluate the impact their work as caterers has on the environment and launched a range of initiatives.

Seasoned Managing Partner Venues, Graham Turner, (pictured), said, “We are absolutely delighted to continue our future with the Brighton Centre and look forward to delivering on our ‘green’ promise as a sustainable company. This seven-year extension allows us to build on the sustainable work we had started.

“We are working hard along with the wider industry to find alternatives to single use plastics and beef has also been removed from the menu due to its harmful effects on the environment, releasing greenhouse gases such as methane, CO2, and nitrous oxide.

“We should all do our bit to reduce the impact on the environment and rightly so, sustainability becomes more of a focus in everyday life. From metal and paper straws replacing plastic ones, to heightened awareness of the plastic waste in our oceans, there are already many environmental movements underway, and it is only right that as a leading events and catering firm we take steps to include sustainability as part of our company culture.”

The Brighton Centre is owned by Brighton & Hove City Council and is one of the largest purpose-built conference and entertainment venues in the South East of England with the capacity to accommodate up to 5,000 delegates.

Head of Tourism and Venues at Brighton and Hove City Council, Howard Barden said: “We are delighted to continue our partnership with Seasoned and truly value our long-standing relationship with the team.

“Together we look forward to aligning our green values and we welcome their commitment to supporting our sustainable initiatives.”

Seasoned is part of the Crown Partnership, a portfolio of events, hospitality and catering providers, committed to environmental sustainability with an emphasis on innovation and an appetite for success.

Headquartered in Essex, with sites across London but working nationally, the pioneering collaboration works by devolving autonomy to its component parts to foster entrepreneurship, while providing access to centralised functions and support.