BBPA says Omnicron warnings to have devastating impact on Scottish hospitality sites

The CEO of the Scottish Beer & Pub Association (SBPA) has commented on the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's statement this afternoon, where she urged peoplle to cancel work Christmas parties.

Emma McClarkin (pictured) said, “The warnings around the potential impacts of the Omicron variant and recommendations to cancel Christmas parties are now having a devastating impact on Scotland’s pubs and the wider hospitality sector.

“With no financial support or furlough scheme this is a very, very worrying time for businesses and their staff. If we are going to avoid mass redundancies in the sector, we require immediate, meaningful economic support to be announced now.

'We cannot allow thousands of staff to be fearing for their livelihoods like this, especially at this time of year.”

This news comes shortly after the Cabinet Secretary for Finance announced in the budget statement that Scottish hospitality businesses will not receive the same business rates relief during the next financial year as those in England.

Whilst pubs in England will receive a 50% for 12 months (up to £100K), Scotland’s pubs will only benefit from 50% support for the first 3 months (up to £27.5k).