Biscuits sales boosted by Nisa & Pladis partnership

Biscuit sales have grown by almost 20% for Nisa retailers involved in a trial with one of the UK’s leading snacking companies.

Pladis teamed up with Nisa Retail last autumn and worked with a selection of Nisa stores to increase sales and help to maximise biscuit fixtures through range optimisation and merchandising recommendations.

The project provided retailers with a key opportunity to grow sales of this key category in convenience retail working closely with experts in the market.

The Better Biscuit initiative took place over an eight-week period in July and August 2021 and involved eight stores located in different parts of the country with the stores recording an average sales increase of 18% following the trial.

The work undertaken through the trial is now set to be rolled out to all Nisa retailers and outcomes shared with all partners, enabling them to replicate the activity in their own stores.

Laura Gomersal, Head of Marketing at Nisa, said, “This type of thought leadership that enables Nisa partners to optimise their customer offer is an activity that we know partners like and want to be involved in.

“It’s evident from the results of the trial that these projects can be very successful for an independent retailer and are a worthwhile investment in terms of time and effort. It is something we are keen to do more of at Nisa and we’ll be looking at other key categories with our supply partners to continue our support of partners.”