BaxterStorey secures 4-year deal with scientific research campus

BaxterStorey has been awarded a four-year contract with the Wellcome Genome Campus, a scientific research campus located in Hinxton, near Cambridge, and will see BaxterStorey focus its catering offer on staff and visitors’ wellbeing, whilst supporting the Campus’ commitment to sustainability.

The new contract will see a transformation to the Wellcome Genome Campus’ on-site restaurant, Murray’s, with plans for the BaxterStorey team to refurbish the catering facilities. Amenities will include a co-working lounge, build-your-own breakfast station and all-day grazing style menus.

From day one the team will be introducing a wellbeing counter to create nutritionally tailored plant-based dishes that will feature the best local and seasonal produce from the area. In addition, BaxterStorey’s Food EQ menu will be available, which changes the reliance of meat and fish as a sole source of protein, introducing plant-based alternatives such as grains and pulses to become the stars of the plate.

BaxterStorey’s Regional Managing Director, Peter Kent, commented, “The Wellcome Genome Campus joins our growing list of clients in Cambridge. We’re excited to bring our expertise and creativity in nutrition to our hospitality offer.

'We’re passionate about using hospitality to improve the wellbeing of workforces and we’re looking forward to providing this to customers at the Genome Campus.”

Combining BaxterStorey’s commitment to minimise food waste and reduce environmental impact, the contract will also support the Wellcome Genome Campus’ wider commitment to sustainability.

The team will be introducing ‘Wonky Wednesdays’, creating dishes from surplus ingredients, highlighting the chef’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of possibility and creating bespoke food offerings for customers.

BaxterStorey will also be providing catering for the Campus’ three cafes, Pebbles, Link Cafe and DiNA. All three cafes will host artisan coffee bars and the Society grab and go range, including clean eating boxes and energiser pots.

Inspired by BaxterStorey’s Modern Baker recipe book, the team is also enhancing the food offer with pastries and sweet treats.

Recognising the change in working patterns, there are further plans to introduce an innovative solution to out of hours services for customers to self-pay at any time of day.

The contract also incorporates BaxterStorey’s street food concept, Fuel Experiences, hosting a range of interactive and authentic pop-ups across the Campus. This includes BeyRoots and Curry on Naan Stop, keeping the food offer fresh and engaging for customers.