Aldi releases guides to support transgender colleagues

Aldi, the UK’s fifth-largest supermarket, has launched a series of gender transition guides to support colleagues who are either undergoing transition or already transitioned.

Created with input from colleagues across the business, the guides aim to support transgender colleagues at all stages, alongside providing guidance for their direct leaders and tips for co-workers on how to help their colleagues return to work.

The guides are part of Aldi’s wider ‘Embrace’ Diversity and Inclusion strategy, which focuses on ensuring Aldi is a respectful, supportive and representative place to work.

In further recognition and celebration of the LGBTQ+ community within Aldi, colleagues are also set to get involved in the upcoming Pride events in Birmingham once again, as well as Manchester, where Aldi floats will join the processions.

Richard Shuttleworth, Diversity and Inclusion Director at Aldi UK, said, “We want to ensure that Aldi is a diverse, inclusive and supportive place to work for everyone.

“We believe colleagues should feel confident to bring their truest selves to work, and hope the launch of these guides will help anyone who has transitioned, is going through a transition or considering it, to feel safe and supported in doing just that.”

Kimberly Taylor, Store Assistant at Aldi who helped to create the guides, added, “I’ve worked at Aldi for over three years and during that time have started to transition. Throughout this experience my team have been so supportive of me, helping me to feel confident and accepted every step of the way.

“The creation of the gender transition guides, when coupled with the care and support provided, makes it clear that my wellbeing and acceptance is a priority for Aldi.”

FS News Editor Becky says, 'Bravo Aldi! Great to hear from how Kimberly has been supported through the challenging transitioning period.

'I'm hoping all FS chains will do the same thing as there's still so much ignorance surrounding transgender folk and therefore those around them may not know how to support them and may say or do the wrong thing. To get the very best from employees, everyone should feel supported and safe to be their authentic self.'