BBPA says pubs & breweries need fair & transparent energy deals

The Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA), Emma McClarkin, has responded to a newly released Ofgem letter to non-domestic suppliers calling out examples of bad practice.

Emma stated, “After monitoring these issues closely for months and supplying numerous cases of extremely poor practice by non-domestic energy suppliers from pubs and brewers from across our membership, it is good to see Ofgem recognising and intervening on this issues that has been causing business owners stress, anxiety and extreme extra cost pressures for months.

“Outside of the energy cap, suppliers have sought to make money elsewhere, by increasing prices on other parts of bills not covered by the cap and cancelling contracts at short notice.

'At a time when energy bills are still crippling pub and brewing businesses it is essential that Ofgem continues to investigate these practices. Holding suppliers to account to ensure business owners are not at the mercy of suppliers is an important part of the regulator’s role.'

Emma concluded, 'Pubs and brewers quite rightly expect to receive fair and transparent deals and we look forward to continuing to work with Ofgem and Government to ensure this.”