How can producers boost the sustainability credentials of their supply chain?

Food and beverage manufacturers are under pressure to deliver their own sustainability targets while meeting the demands of consumers on environmental impact and transparency – and one way is to ensure sourcing ingredients hits the spot.

Food and beverage (F&B) producers are now facing a new world where sustainability and their own carbon footprint sits at the core of decision-making.

Whether it’s agricultural processes, manufacturing, transport, refrigeration, packaging or ingredients, these companies need the whole of their supply chain to respond to this important challenge.

And with consumers showing a growing interest in eating healthy, natural foods, and rising awareness of practices such as regenerative agriculture, they too are pushing F&B manufacturers to go further with their sustainability agendas.

In fact, over three-quarters (76%) of consumers are calling on supplier companies to take the initiative in reducing their environmental impact (Nielsen).

Meanwhile, recent research by RSPCA Assured found that two-thirds of consumers want to know where their food comes from and seek the reassurance of production transparency and traceability.