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Sushi Daily launches first perm outlet in London

Following its globally successful kiosks, artisan Sushi retailer Sushi Daily has opened its first permanent fast-casual site on New Oxford Street, London.

Founded by Kelly Choi of KellyDeli, Sushi Daily has brought the finest quality Sushi to over 750 convenient locations across Europe, including in branches of Waitrose in the UK.

Now, collaborating with Sushi expert Silla Bjerrum formerly of Feng Sushi, the permanent site is where Londoners can enjoy fresh sushi, handmade on site by Sushi artisans, bespoke hot dishes and breakfast items. It's also where diners can see and taste newly developed dishes.

Seasonality, sustainability, quality and flavour is central to the concept with fish delivered whole to the site, ready to be cut and prepared daily for absolutely freshness. Sushi Daily also adopts a nose-to-tail ethos allowing waste to be minimised. The Salmon Miso uses a homemade broth made from fish bones, and the Salmon Skin Roll uses the salmon skin, cooked to be crispy.

Diners can also choose hot food options, providing a nutritious and authentic Japanese meal, with a choice of a white or brown rice base and various garnishes.

Co-founder Choi said, “I’ve always enjoyed new challenges, and it feels like it’s the right time to open a high street location after the success of the kiosks. I’m delighted to be working with Silla as she is a passionate artist when it comes to her technique, and we are completely aligned in our business approach.”

Co-founder Silla Bjerrum said, “I am extremely excited to partner with Kelly Choi and bring a new, quality concept to our loyal customers across Europe. I admire how Kelly has always been focused on the highest quality, while growing the business so rapidly.”

Situated on one of London’s most thriving business hubs, Sushi Daily has a striking design incorporating indigo blue and white hues, to create a bright, inviting space with communal seating.