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Oklava founders respond to new immigration laws with petition

Founders of Oklava, Selin Kiazim and Laura Christie, have set up a petition in response to the Government’s new immigration laws, which under the points system would class restaurant and bar staff as 'unskilled'.

According to hospitality software provider Fourth, if the Home Secretary Priti Patel’s new immigration laws come into effect, the restaurant sector will be the 'hardest hit', as employees are largely made up of what the government deem to be “low-skilled” or 'unskilled' workers, making them ineligible for a UK visa.

Kiazim and Christie (pictured second left and centre) published a message to Patel on Oklava's Instagram page saying, 'Dear Priti Patel, we are your 'low-skilled' workers. We bake your bread, we cook your dinner, we serve your wine. We are from the UK, Europe and beyond.

'We have chosen this as our career, and we are worth more than just a random number of points. We love this industry, and fear your new plans will be the end of hospitality as we know it.'

To rally support for the industry the pair has devoted their life to, Kiazim and Christie have started a petition, which people can sign: http://chng.it/qwykmmxtYk