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Low/no alcohol & vegan food sales up at Waitrose beyond Dry Jan & Veganuary

If we think Dry January and Veganuary are just for the first month of the year, we can think again, as sales figures from Waitrose & Partners shows customers sticking to these popular New Year's resolutions.

Sales of no and low alcohol wines, beers and spirits have seen a 102% uplift in the first week in February compared to last year. No and low alcohol beer has proved to be the most popular choice with sales up +209% compared to last year.

Alex Valentine, No and Low Alcohol Buyer at Waitrose & Partners, said, “Over the last year we have seen the no and low category growing from strength to strength. We are pleased our shoppers have a fantastic variety of products to choose from and if we can support people with continuing their resolutions we are happy to help!”

The Veganuary popularity also seems to have carried on into February, with sales of vegan up 13% compared to last year. Mushrooms have been one of the most popular choices of vegan cooking with specific products such as Waitrose & Partners Vegan BBQ Mushrooms with Sticky Rice selling double what was expected.

Jane Shaw, Mushroom Buyer at Waitrose & Partners, says: “As customers look to be more experimental and add interest and additional flavours to their vegan dishes, we’ve seen sales of our exotic mushrooms rise 16% compared to last year. We’re also seeing more shoppers opting for chestnut mushrooms, with sales up 7%.”

Online shoppers are also looking for more exotic mushrooms on Waitrose.com, with an increase in searches for Shiitake mushrooms (+49%) oyster mushrooms (+61%) and exotic mushrooms (+193%)