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Bon Appetit chooses BonCulina to deliver 24/7 back-to-work solution

After successfully announcing its intention to expand UK operations, BonCulina takes another step in providing affordable and delicious meals from around the world, as it can announce it has been selected by Bon Appetit - the UK’s number one hot food service for the workplace - to be its UK food partner.

The strategic partnership, led by the UK’s #1 workplace hot food vending service, Bon Appetit, will deliver a 24/7, plated, hot food vending solution across the foodservice market.

The new collaboration will see the rebrand of Bon Appetit machines to BonCulina, as the two companies jointly bring to market BonCulina Anytime, a 24/7, automated solution for plated meals.

In a significant move, the partnership immediately makes BonCulina’s delicious individual meals available in approximately 70 hospitals across the UK. Bon Appetit has a successful heritage of delivering a hot food vending solution to staff and visitors in the healthcare market and is an established operator for the sector.

The new BonCulina Anytime concept will be rolled out through 2020 and beyond, providing BonCulina additional operating capacity across UK foodservice sectors, with a strong focus on business and industry. The vending solution will be complementary to BonCulina’s other delivery models such as its ‘smart restaurant’ concept.

Keith Pordum, managing director Bon Appetit, commented, “We are absolutely delighted to choose BonCulina as our trusted food partner. This collaboration is extremely exciting. The joint solution of our automated vending system and BonCulina’s incredible meals will provide a major opportunity for workplace caterers across business and industry to offer a unique, 24/7 ‘back to work’ catering solution.

“We have been extremely impressed with the BonCulina food offer, the quality is strong, whilst plating through Torus Pak® ensures that each meal is delivered with perfect presentation, we know our customers will be delighted”

Chris O’Neil, BonCulina UK sales and operations director, added, “We are thrilled that Bon Appetit has chosen us to work with us in helping the nation back to work. This is especially important for businesses who are struggling with how to safely and cost effectively re-open their in-house catering operations.

'Bon Appetit’s award-winning, vending solution is the perfect complement to our business and supports our ambitions to expand our sector share within the UK.'