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BBPA says new regulations are slap in the face of pubs & brewers

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), the leading trade association representing brewers and pubs, has said new regulations published outlining new restrictions to be voted on by MPs today are a “slap in the face of pubs.”

Emma McClarkin, BBPA's Chief Executive, said, “It’s outrageous you can have a pint in a theatre, concert hall, cinema or sports ground without a substantial meal, but not the pub. It is a slap in the face of pubs and brewers.

“As an industry on its knees, fighting to survive, we have invested over £500 million to make our pubs Covid-secure, followed all the guidance and pioneered NHS Track & Trace. These new regulations now make a mockery of the great lengths we have gone to in making our pubs safe.

“The Government has shown a total disregard for the impact its rules and restrictions are having on our sector and the thousands of jobs and communities it supports. 7 in 10 alcoholic drinks sold in pubs are beer, so punishing pubs also punishes Britain’s world leading brewing sector.

“Our pubs are safe and as such should be treated fairly in the same way as cinemas, theatres and sports grounds are. If the Government isn’t going to do this, then it must provide far greater support.'

McClarkin concluded, 'We welcome further considerations on this, but a so-called Christmas bonus for drinks led, community pubs worth £1,000, on its own, is simply nowhere near enough to stave off thousands of pub closures.”