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Pizza Hut adds vegan cheese option after 19% rise in veggie sales

Pizza Hut Delivery has just started rolling out Violife vegan alternative to cheese as a permanent option for its pizza items across its more than 350 Huts in the UK after a successful local trial earlier in the summer.

The new offering allows plant-based and non-dairy pizza fans to enjoy Pizza Hut’s signature flavours.

As the number of UK adults turning vegan or following a more plant-based diet continues to rise, Pizza Hut is always looking for ways to remain relevant to its customers while keeping the signature taste its customers crave.

In 2021, Pizza Hut was the first UK pizza chain to permanently introduce Beyond Meat® toppings to its menu following a successful national trial in 2020. Since 2019, the business has seen a 19% increase in customers buying its vegetarian pizzas.

Pizza Hut Restaurants, the brand’s UK dine-in arm, and the UK’s best-loved vegan alternative to cheese brand, Violife, have been creating delicious pizzas together since 2017. The partnership offers the gooey and melting texture and mouth-watering flavours associated with dairy, without compromising on taste.

Building on this successful relationship, Pizza Hut is now extending the partnership to its Delivery arm, offering consumers the option to switch the dairy cheese on their favourite pizzas to Violife – attracting both plant-based and flexitarian pizza fans.

Neil Manhas, MD & CFO of Pizza Hut UK & Ireland, said, “At Pizza Hut, we’re always improving our menu choice without compromising on taste.

'We know meat-eaters and vegetarians alike are increasingly looking for more plant-based alternatives to our pizza menus, so we are continuously searching to bring delicious innovations to the table.

'With this new vegan cheese alternative rollout, we’re excited to now be able to offer more flexitarian and meat-free options while maintaining our signature branding and delicious flavour.”

Victoria Slater, Head of Violife UK & Ireland, added, “We’re delighted that Violife is now available across all Pizza Hut Delivery locations in the UK, giving more consumers the ability to change their cheese option without compromising on taste.

'The partnership gives everyone who enjoys the taste of Pizza Hut the opportunity to have a positive impact on the planet by just simply switching out their dairy cheese.”