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Four Michelin star chefs create dishes celebrating 10 years of Exmoor Caviar

London-based Exmoor Caviar, the quintessentially British Caviar brand which has previously been a supplier to both Buckingham Palace and Chequers, has announced the appointment of four new brand ambassadors.

To mark its 10th anniversary, Exmoor has partnered with four Michelin star chefs, Brad Carter of Carters of Moseley (pictured), Adam Handling of Frog by Adam Handling, Ollie Dabbous of Hide and Nialll Keating of Lunar at Wedgwood.

Each chef has been working closely behind the scenes with Exmoor Caviar to create a bespoke and playful dish, highlighting Exmoor’s versatility whilst keeping in line with each personal style of cooking.

With all four chefs creating a dish personal to their character and style, Exmoor Caviar continues to break the boundaries 10 years on. As the first farm to produce sturgeon caviar in Britain and wholesale prices remaining the same in 10 years, Exmoor Caviar ensures sustainability is at its heart, which has become a key pillar to the success of the brand.

Exmoor’s main caviar production ensures that by-products from the production process are not wasted through the creation of the first Pure Caviar Oil showcasing the brand’s desire to create as little impact on the environment as possible.

Up first of the four chefs is Brad Carter’s Potato Smileys with Exmoor Caviar, a dish threaded with nostalgic flavours, using a signature and iconic childhood staple.

Following a similar pathway is Adam Handling’s Heart Shaped Waffles with Sturgeon Emulsion, Exmoor Caviar & Maple Syrup.

Ollie Dabbous has gone down the savoury route with Smoked Eel paired with Exmoor Caviar, whilst Niall Keating has pulled together a Beef Tartare and Exmoor Caviar dish.

Kenneth Benning, CEO of Exmoor Caviar, said, “We are incredibly excited to be celebrating 10 years of Exmoor Caviar and to remain the first and only sturgeon farm in the UK.

'Now, to be able to work with four of the UK’s leading chefs, all who have created some superb dishes using Exmoor, is our chance to show how versatile and forward-thinking our brand is.”