Ubamarket tees off hospitality app launch for British Open Championships
Ubamarket has today launched its state of the art hospitality app NOMM (New Order, Magic Menu), servicing the Royal St George's Golf Club while they host the British Open Golf Championships.

Partnering with the hospitality vendors, Cavendish Events, NOMM will provide their ‘magic menu’ technology which brings the traditional menu to life, enabling customers to browse, build and even customise their orders.

While the hospitality app sector has become ubiquitous during the last year and a half, a key differentiator of NOMM is that the app is seamlessly and completely linked with the venue’s POS system and back office as well as being entirely modular.

The benefit of this is two-fold. Firstly, every customer order is automatically routed to the main till system and kitchen so there’s no need for staff to use a tablet or manually ‘key in’ any orders.

Secondly, venues can manage the app simultaneously with their POS so if staff update a menu, price or even ‘specials’ or offers, it’s immediately reflected in the app, in real time and can be pro-actively communicated as well.

Key features of NOMM include:
‘Magic Menu’ - with food & beverage customisation feature
Menu item search and/or selection by category
Specials and personalised offers (as well as in-app messaging)
‘Repeat Order’ function for regular customers
Order ‘on demand’
Table service, collection points, take-away or home delivery
One-tap payment (with option to add tip) and multiple ways to pay

founder of Ubamarket, Will Broome commented, 'We are thrilled to provide our NOMM ‘ordering’ app for Cavendish Events at the Royal St. George's Clubhouse for the British Open Golf Championships.

'This is a fabulous example of the speed at which we can offer our World-Class Magic Menu ‘order and pay’ app, for specific, short-term events as well as bars, pubs and restaurants.

'We strongly believe that customers will expect nothing but the best in terms of a seamless, simple user experience, wherever they are, facilitating one-tap, on-demand ordering whilst simultaneously increasing efficiency and removing friction for kitchen, bar and waiting staff - our NOMM app is designed to do exactly that, in a fast and affordable manner.”
16/Jul/2021 14:58
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