Meadowhall report shows £7.9bn contributed to UK economy

Meadowhall, Yorkshire’s premier shopping destination, has contributed more than £7.9bn to the UK economy over the past 25 years according to a review by professional services firm PwC

Commissioned by British Land, joint owner of Meadowhall, to assess the positive impact of Meadowhall on the Sheffield City Region and the wider UK since it opened its doors 25 years ago, the report reveals that 1p in every £1 in the Sheffield City Region’s economy can be linked back to Meadowhall.

The findings also uncovered strong evidence of Meadowhall’s tax contributions. Significantly, the centre has contributed a total of £303 million to the UK public finances, with 18% of all business rates collected by Sheffield City Council derived from Meadowhall.

In addition, the PwC review highlights very positive findings about job creation over the last 25 years, with up to 8,500 people working at Meadowhall during peak times annually. Combined with the additional jobs created in the supply chain, one job in every 100 in the Sheffield City Region is directly supported through Meadowhall’s activities.