London local wins Innis & Gunn comp to create limited edition barrel aged beer

A new unique chilli honey pale ale will be on sale in the UK in 2018 after craft beer fan, Seth Ball, and his chilli honey flavour idea, won the vote of beer lovers across the UK in Innis & Gunn’s ‘Imagine & Gunn’ competition. The news comes after the Scottish craft brewer called upon those bursting with creativity and a taste for great beer to collaborate on the next big barrel aged beer flavour idea.

Ball (pictured), the London based data analyst, competed against hundreds of other entries to take out the title with his chilli honey pale ale combination. Seth’s idea showed passion for flavour and innovation and was selected by the Innis & Gunn brewing team as one of nine finalists, before winning the nation’s vote.

Ball will head to the Innis & Gunn Brewery in Scotland in the new year to work with Founder and Master Brewer Dougal Gunn Sharp and his brewing team to create his winning limited edition barrel aged beer, which will be available across the UK in 2018.

Ball said, 'I'm really excited to see my chilli honey pale ale be brewed and see it enjoyed across the nation. I’m a big fan of beer and love trying new flavours so it’s a real dream come true to be able to make my very own flavour combination with Innis & Gunn.'

Dougal Gunn Sharp, Innis & Gunn Founder and Master Brewer, added, “We’ve never stopped innovating with beer and it’s great to be able to share this passion with fellow beer fans through Imagine & Gunn. The flavour possibilities with beer are endless and we saw hundreds of fresh ideas shared with us. We were really impressed by Seth’s pale ale style beer with honey notes for sweetness and a kick of chili at the end.

'We can’t wait to get Seth to Scotland to brew his creation, and are looking forward to sharing the finished beer with the nation!”

Innis & Gunn’s Imagine & Gunn competition was originally launched in Sweden in 2016 with Mika’s Choice, a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Jalapeño Imperial Stout crowned as the top beer idea which is now on sale across Sweden and in the UK at More recently, Don Guimond came out on top in the Canadian competition with his idea of a Black IPA with Coconut and Rhubarb.

The craft brewer is known for innovation and flavoursome barrel-aged beers, using two different methods of barrel-ageing to impart the incredible flavours and aromas from the wood into the beer. Innis & Gunn has used traditional barrel ageing methods to create beers with raspberries, maple syrup and jalapeno chilies in its 2017 limited edition range.

Recently, Gunn Sharp developed a new unique method of putting the barrel into the beer for its core beers Original and Blood Red Sky. The new limited-edition beer will be barrel-aged, and Ball will be able to experience these methods first hand when he brews his beer with Gunn Sharp

The limited-edition barrel aged pale ale beer will be on sale across the UK in the summer.