Fourpure Brewing Co goes global with Continental Collaboration

Fourpure Brewing Co has announced its most exciting and challenging brewing project to date. Combining its passion for beer and adventure, Fourpure will launch its first Continental Collaboration, creating beers in partnership with six breweries each from a different major continent, including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

The partner brewers include Devils Peak in South Africa, Kyoto Brewing in Japan, Two Birds Brewing in Australia, Brasserie de la Senne in Belgium, Bear Republic Brewing Co in California, USA, and Sunset Brewery in Brazil. Each beer will be released in a limited edition 500ml can and 30 litre keg, with a small run of mixed six-packs available as well as individual cans.

Having been recognised as The Society of Independent Brewer’s 2017 Most Innovative Brewery and Brewery Business of the Year, through this project Fourpure continues to demonstrate its forward-thinking approach to shared learning and ambitions to drive the industry forward. The core objective of the campaign is to showcase how provenance, innovation and storytelling can come together to illuminate and inform consumers about beer today.

The project was conceived in the back half of 2017 and saw Fourpure working with its network of friends and partner breweries to lock down a range of brewers with varied skillsets, representing unique stories and influenced by strong provincial ties. Brewing will begin in May and full details of each beer will be announced in June ahead of a roadshow of events taking the series to consumers in 21 cities across the UK throughout the month.

Co-founder of Fourpure, Daniel Lowe commented, “Over the last few decades, brewing has changed significantly across the globe. It’s an industry that transcends language or geography, that brings people together professionally and socially and increasingly it’s an industry that loves to share, teach and collaborate.

'The Continental Collaboration series of beers will explore the unique stories born from history, heritage and a sense of adventure that has led to innovation in brewing, spanning every major continent on Earth.”