Demand for Scottish strawberries grow as 10m punnets picked for Asda

Currently stocked in 609 Asda stores across the UK, Scottish strawberry sales are booming thanks to Scottish growers who have supplied over three million kilos of the seasonal fruits in the past three months.

• 3,000,000 kilos of Scottish strawberries sold in 609 Asda stores across the UK
• Three million kilos equates to 120,000,000 strawberries, which if laid out would stretch three times the length of Britain at 2,983 miles.
• 10 million punnets picked for Asda customers between May to October

Brits have been making the most of the summer heatwave by stocking up on local seasonal fruits, after data from supermarket chain Asda revealed that Scottish strawberry sales are soaring.

It’s clear the nation is getting fruity, with over 120,000,000 strawberries will be eaten this summer, if laid out would stretch three times the length of Britain at 2,983miles.

One of the Scottish growers, Stewarts of Tayside, who have worked with Asda for 20 years, have become a family favourite this summer, with record numbers being sold across Asda stores.

Will Stewart, Stewarts of Tayside chairman, said, “Demand for Scottish berries is growing, which is thanks to Scotland’s wonderfully temperate climate contributing to the deliciously sweet taste and quality of our strawberries.

“It’s fantastic to see customers continuing to opt for locally sourced Scottish produce, and it’s clear strawberries are the summer fruit of choice, whether being enjoyed simply on their own or with the added treat of fresh cream and meringue!”

Heather Turnbull, buying manager for Asda Scotland, commented. “Year-on-year, we’ve seen sales of Scottish strawberries grow, particularly with the record temperatures we’ve seen this summer season.

“We are very proud to support local Scottish suppliers and in doing so offer our shoppers great tasting regional products at affordable prices, particularly around key seasonal trading times.”