Kiln to host borderless dinner with Ikoyi & @theskinnybib

On 29 October, Kiln will host a one-off 'borderless' dinner with Jeremy Chan, chef and co-founder of recently Michelin-starred Ikoyi, and Perm Paitayawat, better known for his social media alias @theskinnybib.

Chan and Paitayawat will be cooking alongside Kiln’s Head Chef Nick Molyviatis to create a menu that is inspired by their respective heritage and the cosmopolitan nature of London food, strictly following the ethos of fire cooking and quality Cornish produce that Kiln is celebrated for.

The menu will spotlight a set of carefully sourced Cornish produce that come through the door at Kiln and are at their prime. Ike Jime prepared Mackerel refers to a technique of better preserving the flesh of the fish by severing the spinal cord when it is caught, a rarely seen practice in the UK.

Diners can also expect Native Lobster, whose flavour peaks in autumn in the south of the U.K. For meat, there will be Cornish hogget, heavily fattened so that the entire carcass can be aged to exceptional depth of flavour and tenderness. Each of the produce will be served in two preparations for sharing.

Dishes in development are Raw Lobster & Nam Pla Kuan Egg Yolk, Mackerel with Mbongo & Plantain, Aged Hogget with Gola Pepper & Fermented Scotch Bonnet, Stir Fried Red Curry of Aged Hogget & Green Peppercorn, Ike Jime Mackerel Clay Pot, and Greens & Fermented Soy Bean Cake.

Ben Chapman, co-founder of Kiln, said, “The idea of collaborating came about through Perm, Jeremy and Nick’s conversations on what cosmopolitan cooking can be about and how they approach their cooking. Between them they have Thai, Nigerian, Chinese, Greek, Canadian and British heritage, so this meal will become a borderless collage of these influences, but with a restraint of fire cooking that Kiln is know for.”