Wireless Social & TripAdvisor partnership sees restaurant scores surpass industry average

With recent research revealing the average social review for UK restaurants has plateaued in recent months, data-collection expert, Wireless Social is working with TripAdvisor to help operators increase their rating and overall brand perception.

Since January, those using the platform have seen a point increase of 0.4 in their score, reporting a new average of 4.5 (out of five) compared with 4.1 across the wider sector.

The Wireless Social and TripAdvisor partnership has also enabled restaurants to improve their star rating, with the amount of operators boasting the ultimate five stars increasing by 10% since the implementation.

With both star rating and overall score two factors in deciding a company’s ranking, improving the review will allow operators to appear higher in online searches, therefore helping to drive additional custom. TripAdvisor research has revealed 70% of its customers believe its ratings are important when choosing a restaurant, demonstrating the role reviews play in driving footfall.

Utilising TripAdvisor’s Review Express platform, Wireless Social has created an exclusive automated process for operators, to encourage customers to leave feedback after 72 hours of visiting the venue, increasing the amount of overall reviews and discouraging negative feedback.

In the last month of reporting, more than one in five reviews were jointly collected with the help of Wireless Social. This means operators can help increase footfall, without having to invest time in sending out prompts, as all communication is based on current data sourced from the platform.

Julian Ross, managing director, Wireless Social, commented, “With social media reviews now more important than ever for consumers when choosing where to eat or drink, it is pivotal for operators to ensure their social reviews positively reflect their offering.

'Through our TripAdvisor partnership, we are seeing an increase in both star rating and average score, helping to boost social influence, brand perception and in some cases, even additional footfall.”