Nancy Silverton teams up with Island Poké to create limited edition bowl

Grab-and-go trailblazer, Island Poke´ is teaming up with food royalty for the latest creation in its Guest Bowl series.

Known internationally for her restaurants and cookbooks, Nancy Silverton has created the Salmon Poke´ Nicoise bowl, which will be on Island Poke´’s menu from 13 March until the end of May.

The Salmon Poke´ Nicoise draws on the cuisine served at Silverton's Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza restaurants in Los Angeles, by being dressed with both lemon and anchovy vinaigrettes and incorporating olive tapenade.

These key elements infuse a salad leaf base and layers of sliced new potatoes, cherry tomatoes, edamame beans, green olive ciabatta croutons, sashimi-grade salmon, capers and what Silverton describes as ‘the perfect set egg’.

Since launching in 2015, Island Poke´ has spearheaded the runaway popularity of Hawaiian- style poke´ bowls in London and in working with Silverton, it’s declaring ever-larger culinary ambitions: the chef has written eight cookbooks spanning three decades, worked with the likes of Wolfgang Puck and is a long-established name on the LA food scene.

Founder James Gould-Porter said, ‘Island Poke´ is challenging what can be done in the grab-and-go restaurant sector. Nancy Silverton is a tremendous addition to our team of collaborators, and this marks a real watershed moment.

'Having worked on limited-edition poke´ bowls with Londons’ Bala Baya, Kricket, Mob Kitchen, Mac & Wild, Claw, Pitt Cue, Palm Vaults and Chotto Matte, to grow this series into an international effort - with a figure as accomplished as Nancy - is simply fantastic. I hope it demonstrates how committed we are to our cuisine.’

In 2014, Silverton was named ‘Outstanding Chef’ by New York’s James Beard Foundation, before her work was profiled during the 2017 series of Netflix’s Chef’s Table.

‘I’m thrilled to contribute to London’s electric food scene’, said Silverton. ‘Los Angeles is filled with restaurants offering fresh, light and healthy dishes, so collaborating with Island Poke´ feels like the perfect way for me to be a part of London lunchtimes.’