Bermondsey Pubs partners with on-demand student workforce app

Bermondsey Pubs, part of Ei Managed Operations, is working with Stint, an innovative platform providing on-demand access to student labour, across a number of its London-centric pubs.

The partnership is part of the forward-thinking nature of Bermondsey Pubs as it seeks new ways to create outstanding pub experiences for its customers; while also providing valuable employment opportunities for university students.

Through the Stint app, Bermondsey Pubs post ‘Stints’ for the hours that require an extra pair of hands. The platform’s technology is designed to algorithmically match the posted ‘Stint’ to the university student that is best suited to fulfil it, taking into account the live location of the student and their ‘Stint rating’ - based across a number of core competencies.

Henry Fairbanks, Operations Director at Bermondsey Pubs, said, “Providing exceptional customer experiences is the sole driver behind everything we do. Running pubs involves preparation, planning, and pragmatism – having this resource at our fingertips gives us an additional tool to utilise when our pubs are operating at peak.

“We empower our general managers to do all they see fit to remain at the heart of the communities they serve. As such, we give a degree of autonomy to each site to utilise the application in the way that suits their team and customers best. Each site is unique, and this approach allows individual pubs to access the platform in a way that suits their customers best.

“Hospitality is a phenomenal industry that provides employees with a range of transferable skills that help workers excel in a range of other industries, should they choose. In addition to driving customer service, this app also gives us the opportunity to provide work and skills for students and promote hospitality as meaningful career – it really is a win-win.”

Stint was founded by brothers Sam and Sol Schlagman in June 2018, whilst studying at University College London. It has an established network of over 10,000 student workers across the UK. All students on the app are employed by Stint and have undergone the appropriate right-to-work checks.

Sam Schlagman, Co-founder of Stint, added, “We founded Stint because we firmly believe that getting a diploma shouldn’t mean getting into debt. Students are constantly compromising their university experience because it’s too expensive and a part-time job is not convenient.

'We want every student to be able to earn money at the touch of a button and through mobilising the world’s university population into an on-demand workforce, we are redefining the way employment works, making it far more efficient.

“We strongly believe this app is going to revolutionise the way operators cater for busy periods during the day and we’re delighted to be working with a forward thinking and innovative business, such as Bermondsey Pubs.”