Wetherspoons to allow only 2 alcoholic drinks for people with kids

Following an incident of ‘unruly behaviour, a new nationwide policy from Wetherspoons has been revealed after a poster was put up at the Robert Pocock pub in Gravesend, Kent.

The message read, 'As part of our licensing it is our responsibility to ensure that we are protecting children from harm. Therefore adults in charge of children will be allowed to have one alcoholic drink and a further alcoholic drink with a sit-down meal.'

It also stated that staff would have the 'legal right to refuse service of alcohol' to customers who are over the limit.

The poster has now been taken down and the pub said the policy had not been 'followed rigorously'.

However, the chain said it would be taking the policy forward this year, so that individual managers are able to enforce it at their own discretion.