Deliveroo customers give over £130k in 48 hours to help feed NHS heroes

On Monday Deliveroo, the UK’s leading food delivery company, launched a new fundraising function for customers to donate in-app and help bring 500,000 free meals to NHS staff and vulnerable groups across the UK.

After just 48 hours, generous Deliveroo customers have given over £130k. This is equivalent to nearly 35,000 meals.

The company has been working with restaurant partners to secure donations of free food and will make these available to NHS staff and groups of vulnerable people. Momentum is building behind the initiative as Burger King today pledged to donate free meals.

Other new restaurant partners coming on board this week include Bella Italia, following generous pledges made by Pizza Hut, German Doner Kebab, Itsu and Lewis Hamilton’s Neat Burger. Deliveroo has so far received pledges of more than 350,000 free meals.

This week Deliveroo will deliver almost 20,000 meals to the NHS. Deliveroo is also working closely with LEON and providing free delivery to restaurants who are supporting ‘FeedNHS’.

Will Shu, CEO and founder of Deliveroo, said “Thanks to the incredible generosity of
our customers we are able to deliver free meals to those in the NHS working night and day to save lives.

'As a British company, nothing makes me more proud than being able to support the NHS, as well as delivering free food to vulnerable groups during this period.”