Lebanese Bakery launches nightly Iftar menu during Ramadan

From today, Friday 24 April until Saturday 23 May, The Lebanese Bakery will be serving a Iftar menu available for pick-up and delivery across London.

Available daily until 10pm, Londoners observing Ramadan can look forward to feasting on a selection of celebratory dishes to break their fast.

The menu included freshly baked speciality Lebanese flatbreads (Manousheh), bright salads starring aubergine, cauliflower and freekeh, a choice of soups, favourite dips hummus or baba ghanouj.

It finish, there are traditional desserts such as Riz Bi Haleep and Sfouf, and all this washed down with refreshing homemade lemonade, Jellab and Yogurt Aryan.

The Iftar menu is priced at £20 per head, with dates included with every order.

The Lebanese Bakery is a neighbourhood bakery serving a variety of Lebanese flatbreads (Manousheh), bite sized bakes (Mouajjanet) and a lot more. All baking is done fresh in their ovens with the majority ingredients and toppings carefully handpicked by selected Lebanese farmers.