Deliveroo reports 412% surge in ice cream orders

With temperatures rising to highs of 28C this weekend, following the driest May Britain’s seen in 176 years, people are turning to ice-cream to help cool off.

According to Deliveroo data there has been a massive 412% surge in ice cream orders as Brits in lockdown celebrate the beginning of BST from their homes.

According to Deliveroo, a rise in orders of ice cream is fairly typical around the summer months - the company reported a 38% uplift in sales of the frozen dessert this time last year.

With orders rocketing by a record 412% this weekend however, it appears that Britain has a craving for ice cream at home like never before, with Deliveroo acting as a virtual Ice Cream Van whilst customers have been staying home.

From a classic vanilla whippy, to Magnum ice creams and Fabs, here are the most popular ice creams Brits in lockdown are ordering on Deliveroo:

Soft Serve Vanilla Ice Cream from Kaspa's (Colchester)
Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough 465ml from The Ice Cream Store (75 stores across UK D)
Magnum Classic Ice Cream 110ml from The Co-op (350 sites across UK)
Vanilla Ice Cream from Sundaes Gelato (Plymouth)
Nestle Fab With Real Strawberry from The Co-op (350 sites across UK)
Crushed Milk Chocolate Cookies, Frost Soft Serve Ice Cream from NAC (London)
Banana Caramel Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins (Aberdeen)
Pistachio Ice Cream from Amorino (London)
Whippy Ice cream from Chocoberry (Leicester)
Blue Raspberry from Scoopz Fife (Dunfermline)

Arabella Jenkins, Consumer Comms Manager at Deliveroo, said, “No one embraces summer quite like us Brits - even though people might be spending more time at home than they usually would in the summer months, it’s great to see our customers finding new ways to celebrate BST in lockdown.

'From BBQ bundles to Ben and Jerry’s - we’re constantly expanding our offerings so that we can be the perfect partner this summer.”