Piano Works to be first UK hospitality venue to use Gateway Spray Tunnel

The Piano Works, London’s only audience requested, non-stop live music venues in Farringdon and the West End, are preparing to safely swing open their doors this September, using an exclusive combination of advanced safety technologies to ensure each guest feels protected as they are singing and dancing the night away.

Once the Government allows live music to resume, the Piano Works will be the first hospitality business in the UK to use the Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel (PPT), the UK’s only tested and verified personal protection gate which provides a whole-body sanitising system, alongside thermal imaging cameras and a PuriFog Air Machine.

The process begins prior to guests joining the queue to enter the venues, where their temperatures will be checked by a thermal imaging camera that is accurate to within .2 of a degree.

Afterwards, guests will enter the venue through a special Gateway personal protection tunnel that sprays antiviral dry mist from head to toe in seconds. The mist provides full body coverage and reduces the risk of transmission by deactivating any virus particles that are present on clothes or exposed skin.

ID’s will then be scanned that capture personal details of each and every guest and will be asked to leave contact details through a track and trace app.

Once inside the venue, guests will notice vinyl disc stickers lining the floor to help customers keep one metre apart. Aside from marking the required 1m distance, each of these record shaped floor stickers showcase one of the most requested songs within The Piano Works. Guests will be able to order and pay at their tables with special tech solutions.

They will also be able to pre-order ahead of their booking and provide their details in advance for track and trace purposes. Hand sanitiser stations will be placed throughout the venue and musicians will be shielded with Perspex screen, so they too feel extra protected.

At the end of the evening, an official PuriFog machine will thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire venue. Its effectiveness is more than 1700 times higher than a normal spray system, so guests can take solace in knowing that the venue is 100% sanitised.

Tristan Moffat, Operations Director for The Piano Works, said, “We need to reassure our guests that we are doing all that we can to keep them safe. We dress our security as gamekeepers for the same reason.

'We’re hopeful that by taking each and every precaution we can, that we will instil trust in our customers and vice versa. It’s amazing how a bit of trust can go a long way!

'These safety measures have not been seen combined in the UK before and we believe that using the best technology available will help our guests enjoy our great musicians perform once again. For any music venues interested in acquiring this tech we are happy to demonstrate how it works at Farringdon.”

Christian Pearce, Commercial Director for Gateway PPT, said, “Gateway PPT can help venues open with confidence by offering businesses and the public alike an extra layer of defence and reassurance that they are in as safe environment as possible. We are so excited to be helping The Piano Works open its doors after so long.”

The Piano Works is a leader in the UK’s grassroots music venues movement, employing more than 70 hugely talented musicians each year. As freelance performers, they have been unable to earn money since March and are hugely excited to welcome their loyal audiences back.

With extra safety precautions in place, The Piano Works is ready when consent is given to safely re-open their venues. The teams and musicians are desperate to perform to their loyal audience once again, as soon as a green light is given.