Deliveroo reveals healthy orders leap by 282% this year

Since the launch of over 15 new Deliveroo partnerships with grocery, convenience shops and deli’s since February, Brits have been changing the way they use Deliveroo - no longer just their go-to for a Friday night takeaway but a one-stop-shop for ordering fresh and everyday ingredients like fruit and veg, bread, and milk.

Since January, Deliveroo has seen a 282% increase in demand for healthy orders driven by these partnerships with the likes of Co-op, ALDI, Morrisons, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Daylesford Organic and Farmdrop. This was especially important to Brit’s during lockdown who according to customer order data chose Deliveroo to order healthily.

Co-op, for example, saw a 82% rise of fruit and veg orders on Deliveroo during lockdown. Overall the top five orders in the ‘grocery’ category on Deliveroo were strawberries, cucumbers, mineral water, bananas and avocados. The rise in healthy orders came with a fall of customers ordering treats, such as ice-cream and chocolate, as customers swap chocolate for strawberries.

But which Brits have been eating veg vs vegging out? Whilst Londoners and Mancunians have previously driven the most growth on Deliveroo for healthy orders, when looking at order data this year the towns which have seen the greatest increase in orders of healthy items are Bournemouth, Stoke-on-Trent and Haywards Heath.

To respond to this demand for more healthy options on Deliveroo, the food delivery company has also continued to bring on new health-focussed restaurants on to the platform giving Brit’s a wider choice when they use the app. New exciting launches on the platform with a healthy ethos include Kauai (Edinburgh), Foodwell (Manchester) and atis (London).

Beyond providing more choice and selection in food, Deliveroo has been ahead of the game with seeking partnerships with innovative health and wellbeing concepts who are shaking up the industry.

In May, Deliveroo launched its first permanent virtual CBD store with TRIP, providing customers access to CBD oils and drinks on-demand. London favourite TheDrug.Store also launched an exclusive partnership with Deliveroo to provide Londoners with a range of beauty and health products from capsules, creams to snacks, for inside-outside wellness.

Tom Peters, Global Director of New Businesses, said, ‘Throughout 2020 Deliveroo has responded to the increased consumer interest and concern for wellbeing. By launching partnerships with a broad range of grocery, restaurant and innovative food brands across the UK, we are able to give our customers the widest selection of healthy products as well as continuing to make them even more accessible.’