BII calls for the nation’s support for the Great British Pub

The British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) has said today that our great British pubs, at the heart of our national heritage, are under real threat and need our support now. They are small businesses providing safe, professionally run essential places connecting people at the heart of our communities and we are in real danger of losing them.

The trade body said that whilst their trading continues to be restricted they need support in terms of grants and compensation for their critical December trading. Without this and the surety of a VAT reduction and business rates holiday throughout 2021 as they rebuild their businesses, they will simply fail.'

Steven Alton, CEO of the BII said, “We are calling on Government to recognise the reality of how fragile our pubs are right now. They support vital local jobs and can be at the heart of the economic recovery in 2021. The essential role that our pubs play in their local communities as safe places to come together providing the desperately needed human connection across our nation, must be safeguarded.

“Our pubs are part of our national heritage, they matter and they deserve our support.”

The BII said that its video shows how much pubs have done during this pandemic to ensure they are the safe spaces to come together. There is no evidence supporting the strangling restrictions being placed on our nation’s pubs and their closure will mean people gathering in unregulated, unsafe environments.