SPAR own-brand enters savoury biscuit market

Convenience store chain, SPAR own label is entering the savoury biscuit market with the launch of three new lines.

The total SPAR biscuit category has grown by 7% in the past year; a positive trend giving a significant opportunity for own label within that. As a result two new crackers and a breadstick have been launched and are SPAR’s first entry into savoury biscuits.

The new own label savoury biscuit range now includes SPAR Breadsticks, SPAR Salt & Pepper Crackers and SPAR Rosemary Crackers. Each item is priced at £1.

Bhavika Thakrar, SPAR UK Senior Brand Manager, said, “Biscuits add a huge contribution to store sales and we know this move into own label savoury snacking biscuits represents a new opportunity for SPAR stores.

'Savoury biscuits are chosen as an easy-to-prepare snack and our new range of SPAR savoury biscuits are perfect for snacking and use with dips.”