BrewDog launches 10-year aged beer

Scottish craft brewer and bar group, BrewDog has launched MMXXX, a beer designed to be aged for a decade and opened on 1 January 2030.

It is designed to either celebrate humanity coming together and getting our planet back on the right track or to toast the impending apocalypse.

The beer has been produced, to honour the commitments outlined by the IPPC giving the global community a deadline of 2030 to cut emissions by 45%. The brewer hopes that when the beer has reached maturity in ten years’ time it will be opened in celebration of the targets being met.

Following its announcement that it is the world’s only Carbon Negative beer business late last year, BrewDog has continued to encourage customers to become more conscious of their own carbon footprints. In its BrewDog Tomorrow charter, it vowed to meet the IPPC’s emissions cut across its global business by the end of 2021.

The limited edition 10% ABV bottle is available in a 330ml bottle from the BrewDog online shop, priced at £11.95.