Sugoi JPN & Arepita Sliders to open 5th dark kitchen

Delivery and takeaway concepts, Sugoi JPN and Arepita Sliders have partnered with The Goat Chelsea to open their fifth 'dark kitchen', also known as ghost or virtual kitchens, in the heart of Fulham.

When Sugoi JPN serves up tacos with a Japanese twist. Its NoriTacos are made from a crispy seaweed tempura shell filled with Japanese-Latin fusion fillings and sushi rice. Favourites include Señor Crab NoriTaco and Japanese fried chicken karaage.

Arepa Sliders serves up arepas, a naturally vegan and gluten-free pan-fried corn bun which has mix and match freshly made fillings including Pulled Beef, Black Bean and Pico de Gallo.

Sugoi JPN and Arepita Sliders are part of Under One Kitchen, a project which aims to help and support hospitality brands during the crisis.

By opening multiple ‘dark kitchens’ across London, the brand enables both start-ups and established brands to work alongside each other, but as distinct businesses, to help cut down on costs, allowing them to continue operating.

By March 2021, the brand will have launched seven kitchens with 23 operations across London, and they plan to open 50 in total as part of their project in a bid to establish a more resilient hospitality industry.